Welcome to CBDMN.store

Hi to you!  Thank you for visiting CBDMN.store and taking the time to read our blog.  The idea behind this blog is to help you, the consumer, understand CBD and the products that we sell on this site. 

CBDMN.store is the exclusive on-line store for CANNESOTA CBD products.  In future blogs we will discuss why we have chosen to only sell CANNESOTA products.  The short version of the story is that CANNESOTA CBD is one of the first, if not the first, MINNESOTA based CBD product.  The company operates on the belief that putting PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS  will allow people to have access to a high quality, pure CBD product at a price that is affordable.  CANNESOTA founder, Nate Milstein, believes that everyone should have access to CBD products that can enhance their emotional, physical and overall quality of life. 

Please check back with us on a regular basis as we  add our insight and guidance to as many topics as we can think of related to the purchase and use of CBD products.