Why I jumped into the CBD business

I became a founding partner in CBDMN.store in order to introduce as many consumers as possible to the positive effects that I have had with  Cannesota CBD products.  Cannesota as a company works from one simple belief….PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS!  This is the driving philosophy behind the companies ability to produce the highest quality CBD products and continue to offer them at affordable prices.  

To understand why I, one of the owners of CBDMN.store, threw my hat into the business ring of CBD and Hemp related products you have to hear a bit of my back story.

For many years I consistently struggled to handle my PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  At the age of 13 years,  I was sexually assaulted by a catholic priest.  I did not tell anyone until I was 38 years old.  At that time, my oldest son had just turned 13.  I know that seeing him reach this age triggered all of my old memories that I had put deep inside my own memories.  My life became turned upside down as I struggled to understand the turbulent feelings that I was experiencing.  This struggle continued from the age of 38 years to the age of 51 years. 

At the age of 51 years old, I was introduced to Cannesota CBD by a friend.  The CBD was in the form of a tincture and was simply a mix of pure CBD isolate and coconut oil.  The Cannesota CBD was derived from Hemp and it was completely legal.  The single isolate hemp derived CBD was also free of THC.  This was important to me as THC is the psychoactive chemical found in the cannabis flower (marijuana).   I did some research on the internet and concluded what the dosage of the CBD tincture was. I began to take the Cannesota CBD at bedtime.  The results were amazing to me.  I slept the entire night.  Without changing anything else in my routine and only adding Cannesota CBD, my sleep had improved practically overnight.  I had a history of nightmares and disruptive sleep and the Cannesota CBD had proven to be a game changer.  In addition to a better night's sleep, I began to notice that my anxiety and depression were decreasing in both intensity and frequency.   I began to feel much more even.  I had less frequent and less intense bouts of anxiety.  I had more positive feelings. I felt less depressed.  Even my family, friends and co-workers noticed a difference in my mood and affect.  I began to notice that I lived in a more stable emotional mood both in my personal and professional life.   The only change I had made was that I introduced Cannesota CBD into my daily health routine.  

Shortly after beginning to take the Cannesotat CBD orally and feeling the positive effects it had on my emotional wellbeing, I began to also use the CBD topically. There is research available that showed that CBD had shown positive results with pain management and  I began to and continue to use it daily on my arthritis that had been developing in my fingers.  I have found outstanding relief in the pain that I was feeling in my fingers.  I will apply Cannesota CBD to any pain that I have such as shoulder, elbow or knee pain.  I am amazed by the effectiveness of the CBD without causing side effects.  

I believe in the CANNESOTA products and the mission of People before Profits. I hope you have a good experience with this product line.