CBD Extraction Explained: Understanding CBD Terminology

When it comes to extracting the CBD from the Hemp plant, the industry is always working on  developing new extraction processes and new products to help bring the best to the  consumers. As the CBD industry changes, so does the terminology that explains it all. In the  recent past, the CBD industry has begun to widely use terms such as CBD isolate, broad  spectrum CBD, and full spectrum CBD. For many consumers these terms for CBD can be  confusing and intimidating. Sometimes these terms for CBD are used incorrectly and/or  interchangeably within CBD product description and CBD product labels. There are a few differences between the varieties of CBD extracts: CBD isolate, broad spectrum CBD, and full  spectrum CBD product formulations, and using the correct verbiage is vital for producers and  consumers alike. 

CBD Oil vs Hemp oil and Hemp seed oil: Hemp Extraction explained: 

CBD that is derived from Hemp extraction is the most popular form of CBD. This form of CBD  extraction is highly regarded for a variety of reasons; it has rich CBD content, low THC levels,  and the added benefit of coming from Hemp, a more acceptable, legal source. Three of the  more commonly confused terms in hemp extraction are; CBD oil, hemp seed oil, hemp oil.  

Where Does CBD Oil Come From? 

CBD oil extracted from hemp plants, is different than cannabis extract, but both can be called  CBD oil. CBD oil that is extracted from Hemp contains no THC. In contrast, CBD can be also be  extracted from cannabis plants which in the process may also extract trace THC along with it. All the Cannesota products from CBDMN.store are derived from Hemp.  

Where Does Hemp Oil (CBD oil) Come From? 

Hemp oil is extracted from almost every part of the hemp plant except the seed. This is  including the flowers, stems, and leaves. All of these plant components contain CBD, so any  hemp oil containing CBD can also be called CBD oil. Hemp oil extracted from hemp flowers contain the highest level of cannabinoids such as CBD.  

How is CBD Oil Extracted? 

It is very important to know what part of the plant the CBD is extracted from. It is equally  awesome to know how the CBD is actually extracted. There is definitely more than one way to 

zero in on the desired chemical compounds found in cannabis such as CBD. Hemp producers employ a variety of extraction methods, including the use of alcohol, supercritical CO2, and Butane extraction to remove the CBD and other compounds found in hemp plants. Each method has its own path to production of a high-quality, hemp-derived CBD. 

What is Hemp Seed Oil & where does it come from?

Hemp seed oil is oil extracted from the hemp seed and it contains no CBD.