Epilepsy and CBD

Approximately one-third of epilepsy patients are unable to control seizures with traditional medication. However, there are alternative options available for these individuals to find relief. Medical research shows that CBD oil can be effective in reducing epilepsy seizures. Here is everything you need to know about epilepsy and CBD oil. 

How CBD Oil Works to Stop Epilepsy Seizures

It is still unclear to medical researchers how CBD works for seizures exactly, but medical researchers have observed certain interactions of CBD with the body regarding seizures. CBD oil can help stop epilepsy seizures by activating specific receptors in your endocannabinoid system. These receptors help keep the body in a state of equilibrium by maintaining chemical balance and biological functioning. The interaction with these receptors can help reduce the number of seizures and lessen symptoms. 

CBD Oil Interactions and Side Effects with Epilepsy Medicine

If you are considering CBD for seizures, it is best to use it under the guidance of a medical professional. CBD oil can have certain side effects and interactions with epilepsy medications. Side effects can include decreased appetite, sleepiness, fatigue and diarrhea. In addition, taking CBD oil with anti-epilepsy drugs may cause liver damage. These side effects and interactions can vary among individuals, depending on a person’s genetic makeup and metabolism.

How to Use CBD for Epilepsy Seizures

There are many options available for taking CBD for seizures. According to medical studies, CBD drops from tinctures provide the best blood absorption rates. These drops are applied under the tongue to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Other options include vape oils and capsules. 

Try CBD Oil for Your Epilepsy Seizures

If you want to try CBD oil for your epilepsy seizures, consult with your doctor first. If the doctor believes it may be safe and work for you, CBDMN has the highest quality tinctures to meet your needs. The oils are manufactured, and safety tested to ensure the right potency for your needs. Shop our collection today!