How CBD Oil Can Affect Men and Women Differently

Physical factors play an important role in the impact CBD oil can have on you. CBD offers numerous benefits to improve your health and wellbeing. Because of sex differences, CBD can have some different effects between males and females. The differences in muscle mass, hormone levels and body size or shape can impact CBD doses and benefits. Here is how CBD oil can affect men and women differently.

Specific CBD Oil Effects for Women

Women can experience mood swings and emotional responses not experienced by men due to higher estrogen levels. CBD can work with estrogen to help stabilize mood swings, depression and anxiety. CBD can also help with cramping and bloating that occurs during premenstrual syndrome. In addition, during menopause, many women may find it hard to get adequate sleep. CBD oil can address the hormonal changes of menopause for better sleep. CBD oil may also be effective with breast cancer treatment in destroying cancer cells. 

Specific CBD Oil Effects for Men

Because men are usually heavier and have a faster metabolism than women, they may need higher doses of CBD to experience the maximum effects. In addition, CBD oil can act as an aphrodisiac in men. This is because CBD in small doses can cause temporary spikes in testosterone levels. Prolonged use of CBD oil may reduce these levels. When testosterone levels are stabilized, men may experience a reduction in aggression and increased calmness. 

Experience CBD Oil Benefits for Yourself

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