Our CBD Oils

Our CBD Oils

CBDMN is proud to be the first online retailer to distribute Cannesota CBD Tincture (Oil) products. Cannesota is a Minnesota manufacturer that offers three unique CBD formulations. The CBD products are manufactured and batch tested to deliver the highest-quality CBD at an affordable price. Every available safety test is conducted on each bottle to ensure the right amount and potency for your needs. Here are the three most popular CBD Oils from the Cannesota featured collection in the CBDMN online store.

Cannesota Gold Label CBD Oils

Cannesota Gold Label CBD Tincture contain 600 mg of CBD with a unique balance of botanical flavors. The hemp-derived distillate full spectrum extract in MCT fractionated coconut provides its golden amber color. This CBD Oil can be ideal for alleviating stress and promoting recovery after exercise.

Cannesota Full Spectrum CBD Oils

Cannesota Full Spectrum CBD Tincture contain hemp-derived whole plant extract, and MCT fractionated coconut oil. Each bottle contains 600 mg of CBD with a natural herbal flavor. It can be ideal for individuals who are looking for CBD Oils for pain management.

Cannesota Isolate CBD Oils

Cannesota Isolate CBD Tincture are flavorless products with 600 mg of CBD in MCT fractionated coconut oil. As the purest form of CBD, Isolate may be ideal for first-time users of CBD Oil who want to discover its potential health benefits. Any potential effects can be less noticeable than with full spectrum CBD oil products.

High-Quality CBD Oils at Affordable Prices

If you are looking for high-quality CBD Tincture at affordable prices. Cannesota CBD Oils through the CBDMN online store are an ideal solution. The products are made with the highest quality and purity standards in the industry to help promote better health and wellbeing. Select your Cannesota CBD Tincture online from the CBDMN product collection today.